Château La Branne is located in the town of BEGADAN in the Medoc peninsula between the ocean and estuary.

Originally the family property had only 2 hectares of vines. The small property expanded over the years to reach 30 hectares today.

In 1999, in order to make the most of the potential of the vineyard, we decided to vinify our wine on site.

In 2008 we obtained the Cru Bourgeois recognition. Each year Château La Branne will be recognized as Cru Bourgeois.

In 2020 a new classification took place, the property is now classified Cru Bourgeois Supérieur.

The main principles of the new classification:

  • The quality of the wine: blind tasting and measurement of consistency.
  • Traceability and authentication by a sticker for each vintage.
  • Organoleptic checks before packaging lasting throughout the entire period
    five-year classification (at least 2 checks per vintage).
  • The environment through the commitment of the wines in a process of respect for good practices cultural and environmental.


The property has 3 types of complementary terroirs:

  • Gravelly sand for fine and elegant wines
  • Clay-gravelly for very aromatic wines
  • Clay and limestone for structured and tannic wines

The grapes:

Cabernet Sauvignon: 41%

Merlot: 49%

Petit Verdot: 10%


The vineyard

The work in the vines is traditional, with a permanent concern to respect the vineyard. In winter, when the vines are resting, double Guyot pruning prepares for the future harvest.
In spring, de-sucking helps keep the best fruit. Thus the production is more homogeneous and better controlled for average yields of 50hl / ha.
Summer is a prime season in the cycle of the vine. Care must be taken to ensure a healthy vineyard so that the grapes ripen in good conditions while ensuring compliance with nature. In July, leaf stripping on the rising sun side of the vine allows ventilation of the grapes and good maturity.
The entire vineyard is grassed to control production. Grass also plays an ecological role because it prevents soil erosion and the use of herbicides.
The team made up of the family nucleus and our employees, some of whom have been present since the beginning of Château La Branne ensure that the best of the vineyard is obtained while respecting the terroir.

Respect for Nature

The vineyard has been certified High Environmental Value Level 3 since 2016. This means that we voluntarily engage in approaches that respect the environment. This certification is overseen by the Ministry of Agriculture. The property is audited regularly by a verifier: Bureau VERITAS in order to check that we respect the good practices dictated by the HVE3 specifications Respect for the nature has always been part of our objectives because we were already certified Agriculture Reasoned in 2006. In 2020 we installed beehives on the property and sowed flowers for our bees. The property thus has a beautiful biodiversity.

Harvest and Vinification

Setting the date of the harvest is always a delicate decision, it is the result of year of work. We regularly carry out grape analyzes in collaboration with our oenologist Antoine MEDEVILLE to determine the optimal harvest date.
In the vat room, the harvest is vinified in the Médoc tradition by combining innovations technological. The vinification temperatures are controlled and regulated. In order to reveal all the character, the expression of the fruit and the typicity of the wine we carry out a maceration of several weeks after alcoholic fermentation. We then proceed to runoff to separate the wine from its marc (solid part made up of seeds and grape skins). A second fermentation takes place “Malo-lactic”. It will allow for the wine to soften. With the collaboration of our oenologist Antoine MEDEVILLE, we determine the blends intended for different vintages. We are looking for the best blends for aging and pleasant wines.
Château La Branne is then aged in French oak barrels for 12 months. After this rest period the wine is ready for the final stage.


Bottling is the culmination of the work done from the vineyard to the cellar
Particular attention is paid to the quality of the packaging elements: bottles
traditional, natural corks.

Wine Tourism

Château La Branne is an islet of vines in a very natural and peaceful setting
We offer you a free tasting of our wines. You can also visit our cellars and following the seasons to discover the work in the vineyard or in the cellar.
We are available Monday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. with or without an appointment. But it is better to call us or send an email because we might be in the vineyards or in the cellar but we are always ready to welcome you.